Why should you purchase your Skincare products from you Aesthetician?

In a day where skin care is one of the hottest topics around, how does a consumer choose a product line with confidence? The Department stores are one of the largest retail industries and are making a killing on cosmetics. Health stores often copy department stores yet offer lower prices for skincare products. How does one know the most talked about product is all it’s talked up to be? How does a consumer know they can trust the newest product on QVC, or the last product purchased by Jessica Simpson , or the hottest fad on the market? How does a consumer really know that $90 half ounce jar of eye cream is any good? It says it has Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C, right? Sometimes Yes, but over the counter products (OTC’s) are not required to disclose the percentage of the ingredient, nor the form of the raw material, which means they are basically not required to disclose the efficacy of their product.

Most OTC’s are highly neutralized & heavily preserved which can mean the percentages are usually too low to do what they promise. Basically these products are buffered to a level safe enough for children or those with extremely sensitive skin. This means the product probably doesn’t have the ability to correct or create any changes in the epidermis. Not all OTC’s are bad but unless you have gotten scientific data on the product, and are buying from a sales rep that is trained in how to assess skin, you will never know.

The FDA requires professional medical grade products to disclose the list of actives along with their percentages. Professional grade products are only sold to licensed professionals for retail. You will not find these products in department store, health stores, or online. There is scientific data behind these types of products therefore can only be purchased from those who are trained to assess skin. Most women now a days have an aesthetician performing skincare treatments monthly or atleast bimonthly. A good aesthetician will have the knowledge & experience to tell you what to look for when purchasing your home care products.

PCA Skin is a professional grade chirally correct line combining both synthetic & natural ingredients. The term chirally correct means that of the two parts of a molecule, the most beneficial half is utilized for optimum effectiveness.

PCA is owned by Jennifer Linder, M.D. Dr. Linder is a Dermatologist and Chief Scientist for PCA Skin located in Scottsdale, AZ. PCA only sells to Licensed professionals who can accurately assist consumers with their home care.

“PCA SKIN requires skincare professionals, like Darla to take training before purchasing, so the patient can feel confident they are receiving sound advice from someone who knows exactly how to recommend a daily care and treatment regimen, for the safest, most dramatic results.”
– Jennifer Linder , MD

Before picking up the latest most expensive product on the market, find a trained aesthetician to perform a skin analysis so you can target your concerns and skin condition. A-Peeling Faces offers free skin analysis to help determine which products are best for your skin type, and carrys PCA Skincare products which are available at a very reasonable price.

A-Peeling Faces is conveniently located inside Signature Salon Studios in Ahwatukee at 3936 E. Chandler Blvd, #211, Phoenix, AZ 85048. Darla Salem, owner, was voted First place Best Aesthetician 2008 Best of Ahwatukee.

Call 480-540-7555 or go to www.a-peelingfaces.com to schedule your appointment.

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