The new facial wash oily/problem

the new facial wash oily/problem

PCA SKIN® Certified Professionals and their patients now have an even better formulation of Facial Wash Oily/Problem, tailored toward oily skin types.

Facial Wash Oily/Problem from PCA SKIN

Facial Wash Oily/Problem from PCA SKIN

The addition of gluconolactone is a valuable component that helps clear problem skin without dryness or irritation. Gluconolactone is an antioxidant polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that acts as a gentle replacement for alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). PHAs are much larger molecules than the traditional AHAs, which allows them to be much gentler on the skin.

There are many ways PHAs can improve the skin:

  • They promote cell turnover by sloughing the dead cells from the surface of the skin, unblocking any follicles that can become infected.
  • They are natural humectants, drawing in and retaining the skin’s own moisture. Oily/breakout-prone skin can be stripped of its natural moisture barrier with the use of harsh products and ingredients, causing dehydration and possibly leading to infection.
  • They strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, keeping out irritants and bacteria to prevent infections.
  • They fight free radicals, protecting the skin from environmental harm.
  • They can help even skin tone, prevents the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from acne lesions.
  • They help to control aggravating conditions, which can help prevent any acne lesions from developing.

Blended with AHAs, surfactants, skin conditioning agents and humectants, this product is the best choice to help control oil production and breakouts while keeping the skin healthy and hydrated.

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