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Tips For Boosting Collagen Production…

While topically applied collagen will moisturize the skin, that’s about the extent of it. This is because collagens have molecular weights making them too large to penetrate the top layer of skin.The best way to get more collagen is to

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National Stress Awareness Day…massage or facial could help…

Think about someone in your life that is stressed out and/or someone who is a housewife. Maybe that is the same person — maybe not — but its National Stress Awareness Day as well as National Housewife Day so, why

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November is National Healthy Skin month!

November is National Healthy Skin month and there are plenty of things you can do to nourish your skin. Call A-Peeling Faces Skin Care & Massage Therapy at 480-540-7555 to start, and keep, a regimen that will work for you!

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