Understanding Trapezius Muscle Pain

Understanding your Trapezius Muscle Pain:

When your neck muscles seem painful, you are probably experiencing trapezius muscle pain. This kind of pain usually radiates to your shoulders and involves muscle stiffness. It can be caused by a number of different factors, and can also be remedied through exercise and other pain relief measures.

Overview on the Trapezius Muscle:

The trapezius muscle is a large but superficial muscle found at the back of your neck, across your shoulder blades, and down to your upper vertebrae. This muscle is responsible for the movements and rotation of the shoulders and the neck. Neck flexibility is actually a measure of the tightness or looseness of your trapezius muscle. The trapezius muscle also assists in breathing since it helps open up the chest area to increase volume of air inhaled. Trapezius muscle pain is very common, especially for people who work at desks and computers for hours on end.

Causes of Trapezius Muscle Pain:

Trapezius muscle pain is mainly caused by stress and tension. The stress comes from improper posture, especially if your shoulders are always positioned right under your ears and your head is always pushed forward. That is the reason why trapezius muscle pain usually occurs to people who work on computers. Aside from that, your habits can also cause trapezius muscle pain, such as cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder, carrying a heavy bag, very tight bra straps, or turning your head to one side for a long time. All these things put a strain on your trapezius muscles, especially done for a long time without stretching.

Massage for relief of pain:

You can relieve trapezius muscle pain with massage therapy. A licensed therapist that is trained in trigger point, range of motion techniques and kneading your shoulder muscles. You can also alternately apply warm and cold compresses on your aching muscles. In addition, practicing good posture will not only help relieve muscle pain, but also make you look better and more confident.

Your trapezius muscle can be found at the back of your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Trapezius muscle pain is mainly caused by strain on your shoulders due to improper posture and detrimental habits.

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