The science behind Clarisonic skin care

Study Objective:  Compare the efficacy and safety of Clarisonic cleansing compared to manual cleansing with a mild cleanser. 


  • 30 subjects with moderate to high sebum levels participated in the study
  • The study compared sonic cleansing to manual cleansing, with both groups using the same mild cleanser.
  • A baseline sebum sample was collected from the center of the forehead, and cleansing was then conducted by an Aesthetician.
  • One side of the forehead was cleansed manually while the other side was cleansed using Clarisonic skin cleansing.
  • After cleansing, 3 samples of casual sebum were collected from each side of the forehead and analyzed.

Clarisonic skin cleansing was shown to cleanse more than 2 times as effectively as manual cleansing with soap and water.  Sonic cleansing is more effective at removing casual sebum than manual cleansing.  

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