Guest Post: Self-Care for Introverted Individuals

As an introvert, you probably find solace in yourself. However, you can’t let yourself get so deep
in isolation that you forget to care for your mental and physical health. Today, we offer a few
quick tips on self-care for those who prefer to stay solo. Tips include everything from massage
to taking a bath to stepping into a social situation.

Get a Massage.
Getting a massage at Apeeling Faces Skincare and Massage Therapy is a smart move if you’re
stressed, tired, or just need some time to slow down and reset. There are many different types
of massages, such as Swedish, deep tissue, and Lypossage. Ask your therapist which is right
for you.

Exercise helps improve your overall mental and physical health in many ways. Not only does it
keep you physically fit, but exercise also releases hormones that can improve your mood at the
cellular level. Even if you work a demanding job, you can still find time to move your body. A few
things you can do each day include using the stairs, taking a walk during lunch, and parking
further away

Take a Bath.
According to Science Alert, taking a bath can burn calories by triggering the heat shock effect
within the body. But more than that, relaxing each evening can help you settle your mind, so
you’ll sleep better. A warm bath also reduces muscle tension and stress.

Drink Lots of Water.
Perhaps the easiest self-care strategy is drinking water. Water can come straight from the tap,
or you can get it out of your favorite fruits. Regardless of how you choose to hydrate, keeping
your body hydrated
from the inside out means that your cells stay lubricated, you may get sick
less often, and you’ll flush your system of toxins.

Even the most self-secluded individuals need people. Make a point to socialize with people you
care about. Oprah Daily notes that it’s okay to be quiet even when you’re in a crowd. But it can
also help to plan your conversations ahead of time and to latch on to someone who is
unapologetically extroverted.

Get a Facial.

The way your face looks affects how you feel and can impact your self-confidence. Consider a
facial or skin peel to help you revitalize and invigorate your appearance. Choose from services
that target
everything from the effects of aging and hyperpigmentation to acne, dermatitis, or

While hiking can certainly fall into the realm of physical fitness, strapping on your boots and
hitting the trail has even further-reaching mental benefits. Hiking can induce a state of peace,
reduce feelings of depression, and inspire positive thinking. It’s also a great opportunity to slow
which is crucial in today’s fast-paced world.

Change Your Cooking Style.
Since you’re an introvert, you probably do most of your cooking and meal preparation at home
anyway. But it’s time to switch out of survival mode and move into thrive mode when it comes to
how you prepare your favorite meals. Instead of frying your chicken, for example, consider
grilling instead. Grilled foods tend to have less fat. Plus, if you grill outdoors, there’s less
cleanup in the kitchen.

Being an introvert does not mean that you have to keep yourself secluded 100% of the time.
Self-care sometimes involves things like exercise (even if it’s just walking the stairs instead of
the elevator) or getting hands-on services, such as a massage. Whatever you choose to do,
don’t deny yourself the gift of self-care. Remember, you’re worth every moment you steal for

In Wellness,
Melissa Howard
Head of Prevention Outreach

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