Massage Therapy


We specialize in several types of massage therapy tailored to your individual needs:
NO CONTRACTS!   Price: $45 per one hour massage  (EXCEPT Lypossage which is a specialized body contouring technique.)

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 Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Targets both individual and muscle groups with firm pressure, focusing on trigger points which can be caused by unhealthy connective & fibrous tissue function and inflammation of the muscles. Deep tissue massage  improves muscle tone, promotes relaxation, stimulates circulation, and produces therapeutic effects on the respiratory and nervous systems.


Long light to medium strokes promoting relaxation and stimulating circulation.


massage4 Pregnancy

Massage utilizing light to medium pressure to stimulate  circulation and reduce muscle tension, with the body typically positioned on the side for greater comfort.



Stimulating the areas beneath the skin to improve the function of the whole body or specific body areas away from the site of stimulation by applying pressure and massage to the feet.


A Body Contouring & Detoxification technique.   Treatments are done 2-3 days a week for a total of 18 sessions.  Clients who are interested in Lypossage are those looking for a smoother texture of the skin, reduced cellulite, loss of inches, better posture and lymphatic drainage.