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What is Retinol?

What is Retinol? Retinol is just another name for the entire vitamin A molecule. It is considered a cosmetic ingredient and found only in non-prescription products (mostly skin care). Retinol can be broken down to become other forms of vitamin

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Total Strength Serum -NEW!

Ever heard of Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38?   It’s a next generation peptide that stimulates collagen I, III, and IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, and laminin 5 to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  PCASkin’s Total Strength Serum contains this ingredient

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A brow wax & shape can make all the difference!

Beautifully shaped eyebrows with a nice arch are an important part of a polished look. When done well, eyebrow shaping calls attention to your eyes, frames them, and makes them appear more open. But it’s easy to make mistakes when

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The Benefits of Sports Massage & Stretching!

Do you live an active lifestyle? Read about the benefits of Sports Massage and Stretching… $39.00 per hour/$19.00 half hour Stretching and massage are two effective techniques that play a beneficial role in both strength training and flexibility training. Massaging

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Article from the Arizona Skin Cancer Foundation

Don’t get burned by your summer enjoyment Michelle Healy, USA TODAY5:18 p.m. EDT June 17, 2014 (Photo: Ellen F. O’Connell, AP) Accidents and injury don’t have to sideline your summer fun. With planning and preparation, you can stay safe and

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Collagen Formation & Topical Vitamin C

Collagen and elastin are proteins important in skin composition, and as people age, production of these decreases and the proteins begin to break down. Loss of these proteins results in wrinkles and other signs of aging. Results from clinical trials

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June 2014 Special!

Schedule a Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion or Massage during the month of June.  Exp June 27th 2014 and receive a free brow or lip wax with your service!

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The science behind Clarisonic skin care

Study Objective:  Compare the efficacy and safety of Clarisonic cleansing compared to manual cleansing with a mild cleanser.  Methodology:   30 subjects with moderate to high sebum levels participated in the study The study compared sonic cleansing to manual cleansing,

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Lypossage Body Contouring & Detoxification

What is Lypossage? Lypossage is a non-invasive specific blend of massage techniques that contour the body.  Lypossage was developed by Charles W. Wiltsie, III, who after a year study on 100 women using the Lypossage technique the average inch loss

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Myths/truths about chemical peels

myths/truths about chemical peels When patients hear the words “chemical peel” they have many different thoughts as to what the actual outcome will be. Due to a lot of misinformation readily available on the internet and in the general media, chemical

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